Seriousness [noun]

Definition of Seriousness:


Synonyms of Seriousness:

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Sentence/Example of Seriousness:

"It were hard to say," replied Mr. Raymount with some seriousness.

Dick went on speaking with a seriousness suited to the magnitude of his interests.

His surprise would have been ludicrous but for the seriousness of the situation to all concerned.

Notwithstanding, she possessed in full the Brontë seriousness, the Brontë strength of will.

I mean to say, it could hardly have been meant in all seriousness.

Then, with an effort, she banished the seriousness from her manner.

It appeared that the working-class had not realised the seriousness of the situation.

But I kept my seriousness, and turned round to examine all the rest.

A profession of seriousness on the part of Callicles reassures him, and they proceed with the argument.

The seriousness of age takes the place of the jollity of youth.