Insincerity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Insincerity:

Hence he gives the impression of insincerity, of trifling with grave subjects and of using mysticism as a mask for frivolity.

And one has to be very much on his best behaviour with children because they detect our insincerity.

How often in our day has Perugino been accused of insincerity, yet it was not so long ago when he lived.

There was an air of insincerity about the man which at once put them on their guard.

Then I was more than ever convinced of the fellow's insincerity.

The evident insincerity of Count Buol stirred up a hornet's nest of indignation.

Even her love for Tito is made to vanish away on the first detection of his insincerity, although he is her husband.

He will not allow the smallest admixture of insincerity or hypocrisy in what is, so far, a manifest work of God.

It is the insincerity of persons of their class; but one need not lay stress on the wilfulness of uneducated minds.

There was a ring of insincerity in the young man's voice that did not escape his father's notice.