Deceitfulness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Deceitfulness:

O wicked presumption, whence camest thou to cover the earth with thy malice, and deceitfulness?

This they find too much trouble, and so deride the idea of being polite and call it deceitfulness.

"The silky, purring deceitfulness of a treacherous cat," interpolates Maud's outraged uncle.

He put salt on a bird's tail and learned his first lesson of the deceitfulness of the human heart.

All these are illustrations of Jesuss teaching about the deceitfulness of riches.

It is a mistake to suppose it illustrates the treachery and deceitfulness of the times.

The history of the empire is strewn with broken promises and acts of deceitfulness.

It was his first experience of the deceitfulness of man, and he did not forget it.

But her apparent friendliness with Thomas and her deceitfulness in employing him for her attorney was more than he could condone.

But Dr. Finney's terrible anathemas on the depravity and deceitfulness of the human heart soon shortened our newborn hopes.