Lightness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Lightness:

Yet she desperately stays afloat, perhaps thanks to the unbearable lightness of her being.

Don't you remember my telling you that Liszt has an inconceivable lightness, swiftness and smoothness of execution?

It was to me a new birth of faculties that resembled a new sense of being, a buoyant and elastic lightness of feelings and frame.

The manufacturers of these pipes claim for them that they combine the strength of steel with the lightness of paper.

She knew very well that the lightness in her voice had whipped him, and that he was "feeling badly."

The whole figure had the poise and lightness of a vision; yet in the face an exquisite human tenderness smiled out.

Yours arent very big, she said, with a piteous attempt at her old lightness, but mine are.

And with what a dainty lightness the foliage spread itself to the sun, French to its graceful finger-tips!

And Harold saw that, in spite of the lightness of her words, there were almost tears in Genevieve's eyes.

Lightness of wit and the graces of conversation are a gift of nature, or the fruit of education begun in the cradle.