Sobriety [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sobriety:

Such are the enjoyments of sobriety; such are the gratifications of innocence.

In the graver hours of activity and industry, sobriety may be proper.

Between wisdom and sobriety of soul (which is temperance) he drew no distinction.

Men part with all sobriety of judgment when they come on ground of this kind.

To what degree of industry, frugality, and sobriety can the Indian be brought?

He is but a drunkard in his cups, thou a palterer in sobriety.'

The balance on one leg in walking a plank as a proof of sobriety.

That temperance and sobriety are the best guardians of health is an old story.

For sobriety is a kind of prudence, 395as people say, and justice also needs the presence of prudence.

Most fellows only reach that stage of sobriety when they are middle-aged.