Refraining [verb]

Definition of Refraining:

do without; keep from doing

Synonyms of Refraining:

Opposite/Antonyms of Refraining:

Sentence/Example of Refraining:

Augustin explained, refraining with difficulty from a dance of rage.

He himself had had some difficulty in breathing, and refraining with an effort from coughing.

If he is innocent you are doing him no service by refraining from helping us.

"He has been unfortunate," replied Nellie, refraining from an expression of her own feelings.

This also involves the power of restraint, the act or the refraining from action.

Let him taste it once, and his power of refraining was gone.

"The reward of abstinence" is a reward for refraining from consuming one's own wealth.

Many times she allowed the dark to fall upon them, refraining from lighting the lamp.

Be actuated by no charitable considerations in refraining to write.

She was afflicted by his refraining from reproaches in his sunken state.