Avoid [verb]

Definition of Avoid:

refrain or stay away from; prevent

Opposite/Antonyms of Avoid:



Take on







Sentence/Example of Avoid:

The executive wondered whether his employer could prevent him from taking the trip, or if he’d have to avoid returning to the office afterward.

I then made a line of small piles of ricotta stuffing, before folding over the pasta and squeezing out air pockets to avoid the raviolis bursting in the boiling water.

Because of coronavirus fears, many people have switched to using credit cards and mobile payments to avoid handling money.

The state has released about 10,000 inmates early to avoid crowding because of the pandemic, and another 8,000 could be released by August.

For example, it can allow households to avoid home foreclosure, evictions and car repossession.

Walkers and joggers politely cross the street to avoid proximity to each other.

He had not estimated that if Jean Baptiste sought his wife secretly, it must have been because he wished to avoid him.

But I always suspected it was a stratagem on his part to avoid playing, and that nothing really ailed him.

But it was my only chance then; or rather I had seen enough of business to avoid making mistakes when I could.

She stopped, and turned to face him, an incredible shyness seeming to cause her to avoid his gaze.