Weave [verb]

Definition of Weave:

blend, unite; contrive

Synonyms of Weave:

Opposite/Antonyms of Weave:

Sentence/Example of Weave:

She meant to weave some nice brushes, for the evening sweeping.

And since it is your glory to weave, you and yours must weave forever.

Let your business still be poetry, but weave it out of life instead of words.

We cut with a knife, we pierce with an awl, we weave with a shuttle, we name with a name.

So then you would counsel me to weave myself some sort of net?

But my bride must be able to gather the flax, and spin and weave a shirt, all in one day.

Of all the precious schemes that had taken him months to weave, what was to come of them now?

It were, indeed, to weave Cyprus with the garland of the Bride!

And who could possibly have taken the trouble to weave all this romance about me?

Mayhap I'll weave it on a pillow into lace, as the maids in fair Holland are used to do.