Intertwine [verb]

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The fates of the American middle class and American department stores have always been intertwined.

While the story of American Dream is unique in many ways, its struggles are emblematic of the bleak future facing many US malls and department stores — whose destinies have long been intertwined.

Depressed feelings are often intertwined with self-judgment.

Our physical and mental health are completely intertwined, and we need to treat them that way.

The work of the one-hour film, premiering on PBS on Tuesday night and later streaming via the media brand Makers, is to find the thread that connects these movements and show just how deeply they are intertwined.

This is no small feat and requires an intense understanding of your business, your audience, and how the two intertwine.

This principle acknowledges that the fates of all are intertwined.

I wouldn’t want to break it into percentages or graphs or anything like that, because for me it’s all intertwined.

Threads of various hues had passed before him, but how to intertwine them was a question that already puzzled the reporter.

No doubt in our daily life, our purposive interest and our causal interest may intertwine at any moment.