Convolute [verb]

Definition of Convolute:

make complicated

Synonyms of Convolute:

Opposite/Antonyms of Convolute:

Sentence/Example of Convolute:

The two first have zigzag passages; the third, channels running in convolute curves.

The passages here run in convolute curves, the one winding in a spiral to the centre, the other receding from the centre.

They resemble the Ammonites in internal structure, but instead of being spirally convolute they are merely curved like a horn.

The more decidedly convolute species with hidden spires are the Atys, Montf.

A spiral shell is said to be discoidal, when the whorls are so horizontally convolute as to form a flattened spire.

Orbicular, convolute, shewing no trace of spire externally; interior divided into cells spirally arranged.

Those which are symmetrically convolute, as the Nautilacea and the Ammonacea, which are spiral; 2nd.

The ventral part of the whorls of symmetrical convolute shells, is the inner part, that which is nearest to the spire.

In symmetrical convolute univalves, is one placed near the inner edge of the whorls.

Stamens 5, as many as the deciduous petals, these mostly convolute in the bud.