Cloud [noun]

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mass of water particles in air

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Accenture isn’t a cloud technology company, but it is the leading partner for most of the cloud companies in implementing wide-ranging enterprise applications.

Alongside the IPO, Snowflake also sold shares privately to Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and to top cloud software developer Salesforce.

Investors understand the cloud business model well and that makes a high-growth company like Snowflake attractive.

Two of Snowflake’s founders worked at database giant Oracle for more than a decade before striking out on their own to create a new design for databases in the cloud.

The test also included a mini cloud server, which allowed quicker connections to cloud software apps.

Snowflake, founded in 2012, is a rare challenger to Amazon as a provider of public cloud storage and services.

In March, companies realized that if they’re not using a cloud-based system to manage their processes, whatever their processes are, it is very hard for them to quickly understand what’s going on.

As the indie leader in moving database applications to the cloud, Snowflake has been growing at triple-digit rates and wowing customers with insanely speedy services.

Yellowbrick makes its own proprietary hardware systems to run database programs and sells them to customers directly or places them in cloud data centers for rent.

The answer has some analysts speculating that Oracle wants to serve as TikTok’s cloud data center provider.