Film [noun]

Definition of Film:

coating, tissue; mist

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Sentence/Example of Film:

Nearly all of the original cast reunites for the film, with the addition of some fun new members, like Jillian Bell, Holland Taylor, and Kristen Schaal.

Glenn Close won an Obie Award for playing Albert Nobbs in 1982 and spent almost two decades trying to get a film version of the story produced.

The film premieres August 21, available on demand through a variety of cable and digital platforms.

Shopify Studios has hired people, such as North, with TV and film production backgrounds.

“My branding and influencer team is underwater right now with all the requests,” said Craig Rogalski, the managing agent at CK Talent, which represents film and television talent in both the United States and Europe.

Last week, the US federal government announced a first-of-its-kind loan to Eastman Kodak, a US-based company once known for its leadership in the film photography industry.

Traditional Hollywood movie studios are sitting on a cornucopia of finished films they can’t put in theaters right now.

Another at the University of British Columbia is using a robotic arm combined with AI to create and test thin films for use in solar panels.

Any kind of movie — small independent films, large blockbuster films.

As the rupture enlarges, the soap film retracts and shrinks.