Leaf [noun]

Definition of Leaf:

green foliage of plant

Synonyms of Leaf:

Opposite/Antonyms of Leaf:


Sentence/Example of Leaf:

Thankfully, the chore of keeping your property looking great is made easier with a leaf blower.

The Leaf has been around for nearly a decade, but many reviewers still think the base model cuts a few too many corners to hit a lower price point.

With most recreational pleasures put on pause for men in these communities, women who aren’t sellers are hopeful that their husbands will turn over a new leaf, say activists.

The notion that bee damage to a leaf could jump-start flowering originally struck Mark Mescher as a long shot.

To test a link between leaf biting and pollen shortages, the researchers did a caged-bee test.

Not a zephyr ruffled the leaf of a rose, and a soft breathing fragrance bathed his reposing senses.

Hitherto, I have not given the subject much consideration, but I turn over a new leaf from the date of this adventure.

Virginia leaf still continues to flourish, and to-day it is the great agricultural product of the State.

I suppose Grandfather Mole has taken my advice and turned over a new leaf.

When rapidly deposited, as by artificial precipitation, triple phosphate often takes feathery, star- or leaf-like forms.