Flag [noun]

Definition of Flag:

pennant, symbol

Synonyms of Flag:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flag:


Sentence/Example of Flag:

Let’s say your site was flagged by Google search as having a security issue, be it malware or maybe your site appeared to be hacked.

Amid a flagging economy — Pennsylvania was 47th in job creation under his watch — Corbett became in 2014 the first incumbent Pennsylvania governor to lose reelection since 1854.

However, once an account has been flagged as a close relation to a user, it doesn’t stay in the top place for long.

That day, a prominent march was planned at the historic Red Fort, where India’s prime minister traditionally hoists the flag on Independence Day.

Melnyk said police on Friday arrested a protester who hung a rainbow flag on the gates of Poland’s Justice Ministry.

When sports fans think of Baker Mayfield, they probably think of the preternaturally confident quarterback who planted an Oklahoma Sooners flag on the Ohio State logo in one of the cockiest moves in college football history.

However, developers working on the new service are still struggling to work out how to cut down how often the Bluetooth-based app incorrectly flags people as being within six feet of each other, the BBC reports.

That should have been a red flag to anyone wanting to buy the property.

Too many reviews from the same IP could cause red flags and result in your reviews being ignored and discounted.

Looking at situations in American history and around the world, McCoy, Mettler and other experts have found that extreme polarization is one major red flag that shows a democracy is in trouble.