Stalk [noun]

Definition of Stalk:

stem of plant

Synonyms of Stalk:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stalk:


Sentence/Example of Stalk:

Then at last she reached forth her hand and broke the lily from its stalk.

Some lives have not even a stalk on which fruits could hang, even if they did grow in five minutes.

The girl took up a stalk of grass and nibbled it in laughing meditation.

When he could no longer endure, he would get up and stalk determinedly away from them.

Its flower is on the top of the stalk, which is sometimes eight feet high.

The stalk is smooth, and the leaves are almond-shaped, only more pointed.

Put half a pint of calf's foot jelly into a bowl; when stiff, lay in three peaches, and a bunch of grapes with the stalk upwards.

Gather the largest green gooseberries of the walnut kind, and slit the tops into four quarters, leaving the stalk end whole.

Weigh some fine morellas, cut off half the stalk, prick them with a new needle, and drop them into a jar or wide-mouth bottle.

So they scampered all about, and there was not a mouse which did not look under every stalk of straw.