Sheet [noun]

Definition of Sheet:

coating, covering; page

Synonyms of Sheet:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sheet:


Sentence/Example of Sheet:

And then she saw, on the sofa at one side of the place, a human form under a sheet.

It was evident that, in other seasons, this place was a sheet of water.

But you are ill, I know you are, you are as white as a sheet.

You are all in a flush, now, and have lain down this sheet and said aloud: 'What an idea!

Some are, as you see, upon one sheet, and some are in many pieces which may fasten together.

She was back again in the stuffy hotel room, clutching the sheet about her.

Linda laid the sheet on the table and dropped her hands on top of it.

And if I had seen a sheet flying around the yard I would have picked it up.

She had had a forlorn hope that he would throw down the sheet; but he did not.

He could not have helped realizing that any sheet of plans he found there must have been yours.