Stretch [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Stretch:

Mesopotamia, therefore, meant a stretch of land "between the rivers."

So this part of my restraint was doubtless a stretch of the authority given him.

If he were allowed to stretch out after the mare, what would the result be?

It seemed almost too great a stretch for even her imagination.

You were arrested in Buffalo, convicted, and served your stretch.

Stretch yourself full-length in this arm-chair, and pretend to be dead.

Halfway up the stretch Allis was riding stirrup to stirrup with her father.

He'll win the race in the stretch, an' there won't be many there to bother—they'll all be beat off.

Dat's where our horse gits it; he's a stretch runner, he is.

Hubert was preparing to stretch some material on another frame.