Orbit [noun]

Definition of Orbit:

circuit, revolution

Synonyms of Orbit:

Opposite/Antonyms of Orbit:


Sentence/Example of Orbit:

The balance now describes an orbit around the center of revolution.

What if the orbit of Darwinism should be a little too circular?

His could only be the impressions of an eyewitness in an orbit limited to his Brigade.

Is this too sudden a rushing from the centre to the verge of our orbit?

Those ships have been put out in orbit, where we're hooked on to one of them.

Soon his orbit had a diameter of a half-mile; then a mile; then two.

To himself he might have been a thing gone somehow out of its orbit.

I, too, can halt the Earth's rotation, or throw it out of its orbit!

We are traveling noticeably faster than while in the earth's orbit.

This led to the astonishing discovery of the true form of a planet's orbit.