Layer [noun]

Definition of Layer:

coating, tier

Synonyms of Layer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Layer:


Sentence/Example of Layer:

I just wanted to add layers to it and not create a scary villain-type character but really give him some intricacies.

Dating of sediment layers and burned wood fragments provided an age estimate for the site.

By watching how the vibrations' paths shift as they encounter different materials, we can get a picture of where different rock layers meet, where rock becomes molten, and more.

It’s the layer I throw on when I’m topping out on a windy ridge or skinning up the mountain.

Heated vests can be a critical extra layer that keep your core warm and your muscles relaxed throughout your sweat session.

The material can be 3D printed and hardens almost immediately, according to the company, while also maintaining cohesion between layers to create a monolithic structure.

He wore layers of clothes, and wrapped himself in plastic and masks just to travel 40 minutes to see me.

My poor circulation was not built for sleek coats and single layers, so I have no shame wearing a Snuggie in the park while I picnic with friends.

Finally, the inner layer touching your skin can be made of soft cotton.

Weed warned about avoiding the backcountry over the weekend, saying a widespread weak layer of snow was being buried by fresh powder.