Overlap [verb]

Definition of Overlap:

lie over something else

Synonyms of Overlap:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overlap:

Sentence/Example of Overlap:

The top is also cut to shape from cigar-box wood, and should overlap about 1/4 inch.

When setting the legs on to the band, place them so as to overlap each other.

So numerous are these old pictures that they overlap each other upon the walls.

In less than ten minutes her head will overlap the stern of her rival.

Slowly but surely his shell began to overlap that of Si Peters.

For this overlap geological reasons are given, into which we cannot now enter.

From A to T is the overlap, which is, in fact, a dam holding up the water in the gravel.

And does the "4" in "41" and the "3" in "39" overlap the boxes?

The ends are often, by muscular action, drawn out of position so that they overlap.

They cover over the fontanelles and overlap the sphenethmoid in front.