Overrun [verb]

Definition of Overrun:

defeat, invade

Synonyms of Overrun:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overrun:

Sentence/Example of Overrun:

Whatever the cause of the war, it's the bitterness of death for these people to be overrun.

They overrun the seven continents and their respective seas.

The benefit overran the merit the first day, and has overrun the merit ever since.

The surrounding walls are overrun with vines and bordered by pear trees.

This court is overrun with Jesuits, and we must needs adopt their vernacular.

And he had been successfully on his own here since the camp had been overrun.

The whole front of the cottage was overrun with a honeysuckle.

Calcutta, by the way, is or was overrun by jackals at night.

From early morning it was overrun with truck-peddlers, farmers, and poultrymen.

At first the forest-dwellers threatened to overrun the towns.