Overwhelm [verb]

Definition of Overwhelm:

flood, beat physically

Synonyms of Overwhelm:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overwhelm:

Sentence/Example of Overwhelm:

As for Garson, once again the surge of feeling threatened to overwhelm his self-control.

His intention was not to overwhelm his wife with bitter reproaches.

Powerful tribes, like the Romans, Saxons and Normans, have tried to overwhelm them.

We should indeed survey and prepare for danger, but we should never suffer it to overwhelm us.

The mud of those greasy streets had risen up all around to overwhelm him!

Wonder if this is the dreadful storm that is to overwhelm the nation, don't you know!

For a world that at the first check or stumble will overwhelm me with slanders.

The room fairly swarmed with them, and they seemed likely to overwhelm him.

We can overwhelm them with arguments for woman suffrage—with Biblical arguments.

She sat down on the bed, and began to overwhelm me with apologies.