Engulf [verb]

Definition of Engulf:

absorb, overwhelm

Synonyms of Engulf:

Opposite/Antonyms of Engulf:

Sentence/Example of Engulf:

I guess if the pandemic just gets so out of control that it engulfs the whole country again, then that could bring it to a halt.

His family’s apartment was destroyed in the early-1990s civil war that engulfed the nation.

If you don’t create, update, and optimize your content, you’ll fall behind and get engulfed by your competition.

The ongoing collaboration between Sims and Berni with the genetically modified Drosophila larvae emerged from the next debate that engulfed the field, which concerned whether Lévy walks are adaptive, intrinsic traits.

Amoebas engulf a bit of prey by surrounding it with their pseudopodia.

It must be creeping around the eastern edge, and would soon engulf us.

If her burning fire could but be poured out upon him, and engulf the artist in her destroying waves.

We would then be sleeping on a volcano, such as may at any hour engulf the empire of Russia.

I decided to wait until she was quite close and then to engulf her with the full force of the male principle.

Vines threatened to engulf the circling street of sepulchers in greenery and bloom, and grass to encroach on the flower plots.