Encompass [verb]

Definition of Encompass:

surround, circumscribe

Synonyms of Encompass:

Opposite/Antonyms of Encompass:

Sentence/Example of Encompass:

California forests and shrublands encompass a patchwork of private, state, and federal management.

CEO Tim Cook has been doubling down on Apple’s so-called services business, which encompasses the App Store, to offset slowing growth in iPhone sales.

Clark, a veteran Amazon executive, will run the Worldwide Consumer unit, a group that encompasses most of what shoppers know of Amazon, including the retail website and the growing logistics empire that stocks and delivers items.

If there is any downside to the game, it’s that Endangered can never hope to encompass the truly vast scope of the extinction problem.

You have always wondered if his ill humor is reserved for you or is all encompassing.

He points out that what has propelled most of the market’s gigantic rise over the past few years is a narrow group of tech darlings encompassing the FANMAGs as well as other fast-growing names such as Tesla and PayPal.

The “Complete Communities” initiative is the all-encompassing title given to this major effort.

If we’re going to accurately report where science succeeds and when it falls short in encompassing the breadth and diversity of the human experience, we have to make sure that we’re not blinded by our own biases and assumptions.

We have never before experienced a global, all-encompassing, and near-universal experience such as this.

The reduction of available military forces was particularly harsh for the knights since it encompassed the loss of many horses.