Beset [verb]

Definition of Beset:

plague; hem in

Opposite/Antonyms of Beset:

Sentence/Example of Beset:

He was beset by his sensitive dislike to mix in other people's affairs, but almost angrily he overcame it.

But while everything seemed so favourable the crafty Gascon from the first foresaw the dangers which beset his path.

But children came and died too quickly for her health and fragile beauty, and the storms of life beset her.

An armed force beset the palace of the Tuilleries, and demanded the arrest of the Brissotine party.

He was extremely anxious to make no mistakes at the outset of his new career, beset with difficulties enough.

Our fellows were being hard beset to hold on to what they had won; there, where the horizon stood out with spectral luminosity.

Madame Torvestad aged very much under the vexations which now beset her.

She was surrounded and beset by great boiling whirlpools and spouting cross-seas.

The Queen makes a long speech, expressing her deep grief at the calumnies and slander that beset her.

So the Earl being thus beset chose to accept baptism, and was baptized there and then with all his men.