Clarify [verb]

Definition of Clarify:

explain, make clear

Synonyms of Clarify:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clarify:

Sentence/Example of Clarify:

He clarified that he wasn’t talking about “the Al Capone situation, where you have someone who committed countless crimes and you decide to prosecute him for only the clearest violation that carries a sufficient penalty.”

On Thursday, the House Intelligence Committee made public a seven-page supplement drafted by the whistleblower’s counsel to clarify what Murphy alleged — and it’s still troubling.

This story has been updated to clarify the nature of ADP TotalSource.

As scientists get closer to understanding how the brain operates, they’re going to be able to start clarifying those limits in totally new ways.

District spokesman Manny Rubio clarified after publication that she will not receive any payout, beyond what she earns while on paid leave.

Nigeria’s transport minister Rotimi Amaechi has attempted to clarify the purpose of the clause and described it as a waiver of immunity which would allow China pursue paths, including arbitration, to settle possible disputes over payments.

The work of clarifying and changing last year’s landmark AB 5 began as a handful of separate bills, but now has been consolidated into a single measure that would take effect immediately if the Legislature and governor sign off.

This article has been updated to clarify that Hulu has not yet committed to making Hulu Ad Manager available to larger advertisers.

The article was also updated to clarify that while Comscore data shows a decline in “all platform” visitors, which PinkNews owes to a shift from Stories to Shows, its web traffic is up.

Just for the historical record, I want to clarify something here.