Interpret [verb]

Definition of Interpret:

make sense of; define

Synonyms of Interpret:

Opposite/Antonyms of Interpret:

Sentence/Example of Interpret:

For instance, I think of teenagers as being really willing to ask questions that some people interpret as sensitive.

Others described how they have to take their children with them everywhere they go to interpret for them.

There are some people who would say he should not have a platform on social media because they disagree strongly with how he interprets the data.

While it might seem like the law is the law, what’s far more important than what is written in the law or SEC regulations is how the law is interpreted, which is really about the sociology of attorneys.

That’s in part because the findings establish evidence in a way that the legal system can interpret.

Jones, who has until next week to tell lawmakers how he intends to implement the rules, said he is still trying to reach agreements with the union on how to interpret parts of the law.

The new study is “really useful for helping to interpret aerosol-cloud relationships in satellite data,” says Edward Gryspeerdt, an atmospheric physicist at Imperial College London who was not involved in the study.

Last year, county health officials had interpreted state rules inconsistently, leading to confusion even among school leaders and education officials.

Like so many other issues in American politics, the pandemic was quickly interpreted through partisan lenses.

Earlier in January, the grocery chain Albertsons laid off employees who handled delivery and replaced them with contractors from DoorDash, a move interpreted by critics as a response to Proposition 22’s success.