Solve [verb]

Definition of Solve:

answer, resolve

Opposite/Antonyms of Solve:

Sentence/Example of Solve:

When you solve a sum you go from "a" to "b" and from "b" to "c" and from "c" to "d" and so on.

But this does not astonish us when we understand the difficulties which he was obliged to solve.

To solve their problem the engineers borrowed an idea from the Sumerians.

He was trying to solve his problem and Tillie's, and what he had found was no solution, but a compromise.

I asked, astonished at Jim's behavior, and anxious for some clew by which to solve its mystery.

If you can solve the problems, will you send me the answers by the first post?

But Frank was determined to solve the mystery, and he kept doggedly on.

But, he reflected, it was important to him to solve the secret which bothered him so greatly.

Tom and I are trying to solve the mystery, and secrecy is of the greatest importance.

Your experience is called on to solve instantly and practically a thousand problems.