Decide [verb]

Definition of Decide:

make a determination; settle an issue

Opposite/Antonyms of Decide:

Sentence/Example of Decide:

A famous example of decoupling occurred after golfer Tiger Woods’s sex scandal, Reed said, with some of his fans deciding they could separate “Tiger Woods the golfer and Tiger Woods the cheating husband.”

He had always been a midfielder, but at the Barcelona academy, coaches decided to try him at forward.

I have zero problem with Cuban initially deciding not to play the anthem at Mavericks games this season.

The Schneider Electric team decided it was time for a change.

It was deciding to step away from the team immediately afterward that was difficult.

The 2020 tournament was canceled because of the pandemic, and the NCAA decided early on that it would hold this year’s edition in one region.

Finally, one day in May or June, he decided to take the risk to come visit me.

If they decide to trade him, there will be plenty of interest.

Met with the therapist once, decided it was too much trouble and bailed on a 10-year marriage.

He decided to leave because he wanted to play for a team with more weapons and upside.