Select [adjective]

Definition of Select:

excellent, elite, preferable

Synonyms of Select:

Opposite/Antonyms of Select:

Sentence/Example of Select:

It is not necessarily his own religious belief that he will select.

He then went on to give a number of examples in point, of which we select a few.

"You go straight ahead and select any location you like," said Marian.

Only that small, select number who were above, and led all the rest.

The divine appetite once fostered, let it select its own food.

He determined to open a select school for advanced scholars.

I thought you might look for a rug, but I'd rather go with you to select it.

She had resolved to select the place with the most promising name.

He was very pleased when I permitted him to select his own hat.

Hast thou heard the saying of Ceredig, A wise and select king?