Privileged [adjective]

Definition of Privileged:

favored, elite

Synonyms of Privileged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Privileged:

Sentence/Example of Privileged:

I have been privileged to take them home and arrange them in my room and Dana's.

The mountain tops are only noble because from them we are privileged to behold the plains.

But what the privileged orders can no longer prevent, they are determined to stultify.

A million of its inhabitants are members of the privileged classes.

My sex, you may have heard, is privileged to change of mind.

I trust that an unbecoming jealousy of my privileged position had nothing to do with it.

Vienna was, in that respect a true den of privileged thieves.

Society was a military aristocracy, the Samurai the privileged class.

With all my discouragements it seemed to me that I was privileged to do a little fine lying.

Auntie paid for it, and so she's privileged to criticise, you know.