Prevented [adjective]

Definition of Prevented:


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Sentence/Example of Prevented:

Often they wished to go to a place, but were prevented, as Paul writes, Rom.

Of course this could be prevented by moving the camp out of range of this hill.

He was prevented from replying by the approach of Simba at the head of eight of the askaris.

"My dear sir," the stranger exclaimed, but John prevented him from saying any more.

I could have prevented it, maybe, if I hadn't been so taken up with my own affairs.

They prevented them from growing hard, grasping, and discontented with their lot.

But how could any political discretion on the part of the ruling classes have prevented this?

I was prevented from doing this immediately by difficulties in the Protium Works.

This prevented our table from getting the reputation of being funny or frivolous.

Will you not, in this case, be prevented from corresponding either with Miss Howe, or with me?