Blocked [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Blocked:

The south tunnel in New Street was blocked April 18, 1877, by a locomotive turning over.

John Silence, however, was before us both, and his figure slipped past and blocked the doorway of the tent.

When about half way to Monticello three rough-looking men blocked the road, demanding his name and the reason of his haste.

The channel between Bernier and Dorre is about a mile and a half wide, but is so blocked up by rocks as to be impassable.

On the right hand is seen a passage blocked up with stones, as was frequently done, to prevent accident.

It was afterwards placed across the nave, near the west end, under the organ which blocked up the great triple lancet window.

Somewhere ahead was the pass that had been blocked that afternoon, but surely they could find some way past or over it.

Val had reached the blocked pass and was already endeavoring to climb up and over the landslide when Gale caught up with her.

At that I glanced at the mouth of the valley whence we came, half looking to see it blocked by men, but it was not.

A hearty roar of laughter burst from the doorway as the Factor's burly figure blocked the aperture.