Begin [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Begin:

They are very urgent questions; our sons and daughters will have to begin to deal with them from the moment they leave college.

If we are to have a real education along lines of expression we must begin with the "content," or cause, of expression.

Men cannot see the world clearly and they cannot, therefore, begin to think about it rightly.

Much later, in the case of all but gifted children, do the mysteries of harmony begin to take on definite form and meaning.

"But it was n't a lie," Punch would begin, charging into a laboured explanation that landed him more hopelessly in the mire.

A child's attempt to represent a man appears commonly to begin by drawing a sort of circle for the front view of the head.

More than that, though he liked to play as well as any boy, he was not sorry that he was going to begin to learn something.

New and highly curious characteristics begin to appear when he attempts to give the profile aspect.

When the features begin to be represented by something more like a form we find in most cases a curious want of proportion.

Past thirty all men begin to dry up or fatten, and he was certainly a lean person.