Instigate [verb]

Definition of Instigate:

influence, provoke

Synonyms of Instigate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Instigate:

Sentence/Example of Instigate:

Williams also knew that members of TheDonald community had indeed used the site to instigate the assault.

Others took pains to point out Keller is never shown instigating any violence toward Capitol Police, at least in the parts of the videos made public.

Plenty of professional athletes make use of this technique to perform under pressure, and one study found that you can instigate some small but significant muscle growth by simply visualizing an exercise.

The coronavirus pandemic has instigated civil unrest, an economic downturn and a public health crisis, but Ritchie Torres sees an opportunity for bold leadership to improve the nation.

In the case of Baltimore, as a ProPublica investigation explored in detail last year, a police pullback appeared to be an instigating element that combined with other problems to create a breakdown of civil order in the city.

Here the problem of food getting was fully solved and there was nothing to instigate any new step in evolution.

Behind him stood Temple, ever ready to instigate others to stab the objects of his hate.

Easy it was to instigate the ferocious spirit: in the heart of Sigurd stood his sword.

This idea had been always present to me, and had in no small degree conspired to instigate my exertions.

The want of money never stayed an Afghan raid—on the contrary it is more apt to instigate it.