Insinuate [verb]

Definition of Insinuate:

hint, suggest

Synonyms of Insinuate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Insinuate:

Sentence/Example of Insinuate:

We hope that the report — which we have not seen — and those sharing the information would not insinuate to the public that there is a danger present.

On the other hand, it clearly insinuates that there were unspecified instances of substandard performance by Wolfe.

Both are very charming in Trolus, and he has turned them to good account to insinuate himself or to overcome a difficulty.

A vague, ridiculous, unfounded sort of jealousy of the Harpers had begun to insinuate itself.

"How dare you insinuate——" began Murray, and he violently shook the old man by the collar.

Do you insinuate that I am naturally an object for laughter?

Her object was to insinuate herself, so to speak, into fortune, by making herself useful to some great person.

As for the things you are attempting to insinuate against me, what possible harm in the end can such untruths do?

Having power to insinuate himself into all the body, because he holds the leading shoot, which extends itself everywhere.

Pope St. Gregory, in his Dialogues, gives a striking example of the facility with which devils insinuate themselves into women.