Impute [verb]

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These polls are still included in our averages and models with an imputed sample size until we obtain the actual sample size.

Vanderbank felt of a sudden almost guilty—as if his answer could only impute extravagance to the lady.

Pray impute therefore solely to these hard times my not more practically showing my gratitude to you on account of Carl.

These and many other irregularities I impute solely to the Naib; and I think it my duty to recommend his instant removal.

No, nor even with the green-eyed monster Jealousy her unscrupulous effrontery had not hesitated to impute.

This being the case, ought they not to impute their sufferings to him, into whose arms they fly for comfort?

Even his defamers have never been able to impute dishonesty to the gallant conqueror of Peru.

Now while we are not slow to impute imagination to art, we are by no means so ready to appreciate its connection with science.

Unlike his contemporaries, he did not impute all the afflictions of man to the anger of the gods.

Proud of thy strength, it behoveth thee not to impute thy own fault to others.