Protect [verb]

Definition of Protect:

take care of; guard from harm

Opposite/Antonyms of Protect:

Sentence/Example of Protect:

On his death-bed he charged his nephew to protect and cherish me as a sister.

They were putting on outer clothes from the store-room to protect them from the dirt and damp.

Could he be asked to shield and protect her, or what would become of her?

We must protect her from the consequences of her own foolishness.

I prayed for forgiveness, and asked God to direct and protect me.

We protect iron-workers, and decline to protect our own daughters.

Protect our authors by prohibiting the sale of works written by foreigners.

And he added, swelling visibly with importance: "We got to protect the city."

However, now, Demarest and I are here to protect your interests, so that you can talk freely.

Dick, if you know who killed this man, you must speak to protect yourself.