Waste [noun]

Definition of Waste:

spending, use without thought

Opposite/Antonyms of Waste:

Sentence/Example of Waste:

It is wrong to waste the precious gift of time, on acrimony and division.

Fellow citizens, we must not waste the precious gift of this time.

They waste the time one should spend in making them come true.

I disdain to spoil my eyes or waste my time by newspaper-reading.

Let us waste no time in discussions about abstract law and right.

Indeed they were here enabled to get more food, and to waste no time hunting.

What's the use of giving the politicians more money to waste?

With so little time to live, I do not choose to waste any of it in sleep.

But Ulysses had no time to waste in trying to get at the mystery.

But Ulysses did not waste much time in listening to the laughter or the song.