Expenditure [noun]

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These unexpected expenditures come as the coronavirus pandemic has pummeled local budgets and hit a corner of government — election administration — that’s been underfunded for decades.

In his new role, he will manage freelance reporting expenditures and continue to play a central role in the newsroom’s efforts to streamline its increasingly complex production pipeline.

In addition, you find that business investment expenditure moving towards better capital, to more productive technology is deeply entrenched amongst corporations.

Lufthansa, for example, put over 27,000 of its workers onto Kurzarbeit back in March, a move that helped it cut operational expenditure by a whopping 59%.

All of this can happen without any intervention of the Court or expenditure of judicial resources.

Coke pulled back heavily on marketing expenditure in the period — its selling, general and administrative expenses were down 34% — just over $1 billion — versus the year-ago quarter.

Data on previous expenditures and present prices of services like web hosting, professional fees, ad pricing are crucial to correctly calculating your projected costs.

It gives you this increased energy expenditure, you burn more lipids, you burn more sugar, and you correct your insulin.

Whether his annual expenditure be fifty pounds or fifty thousand, he tries to get his money's worth.

Any comparison based on expenditure per gun must therefore be misleading.