Expense [noun]

Definition of Expense:

cost, payment

Synonyms of Expense:

Opposite/Antonyms of Expense:

Sentence/Example of Expense:

The banks cited a need to reduce expenses to offset the cost of credit souring during the pandemic as well as spending to comply with stricter regulation and invest in digital technology.

If Oracle’s interest in TikTok is primarily about cloud computing, the deal could come at the expense of Google, which is Oracle’s longtime nemesis and which currently provides cloud services to TikTok.

It will make markets and the capitalist system function better by rewarding positive contributions to well-being and prosperity, not wealth transfers at the expense of others.

Still, Walter Hyde hasn’t been able to raise his staff’s pay to $10 an hour this year like he planned, with all the extra expenses of masks and gloves.

Citron Reseach thanked Hinddenburg in a tweet, offering to pay for half of any legal expenses incurred.

We can adopt universal health care so that would-be entrepreneurs don’t have to worry about their or their employees’ medical expenses when trying to get their new ventures off the ground.

Eventually, officials hope to purchase between 300 and 400 hotel rooms, an expense the city’s Housing Commission has also included $29 million in its budget.

We did a study and we looked at net disposable income, how much money they had after taxes and essential living expenses.

Scrapping the most common source of claims would certainly help clear that backlog—at the expense of people who are suffering.

She has often charged that efforts to abolish single-family neighborhoods or allow increased development in certain areas would only benefit “real estate speculators and developers” at the expense of our neighborhoods.