Upkeep [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Upkeep:

What with Paliser Place, its upkeep and the rest of it, it must be a pittance.

All you have ever accepted is the laboratory you use, its upkeep, and a small annual income.

The Master liked to talk of poetry, history, and the upkeep of courtesy.

In 1918 Congress made appropriations for its upkeep and development.

But it is honourable to pay taxes for the upkeep of a good community.

Materials and labor for upkeep were hard to get at any time and were costly.

The upkeep of the represa is the chief duty of the post-master.

He won't stay on with her and without me, and I doubt if we can afford the upkeep by ourselves.

You realise, of course, that I cannot be responsible for your upkeep.'

The ruin should be subjected only to repairs needed for its upkeep.