Conservation [noun]

Definition of Conservation:


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Sentence/Example of Conservation:

If the foxes become tolerant of 1080, the conservation consequences could be harsh, Letnic says.

Starting out on a pre-med track, she eventually found conservation biology.

Previous work has suggested this ice loss could decrease emperor penguin populations by about 31 percent over the next 60 years, an assessment that is shifting the birds’ conservation status from near threatened to vulnerable.

The answers could affect conservation efforts and our understanding of how much interdependence there is among organisms, species and their physical surroundings.

At the time he was trying to map the movements of fish as an aid to marine conservation.

He’s a conservation scientist at Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Dogs aren’t always a good thing for conservation, especially when they run free.

But the war has shown that the most important thing of all is the conservation of men and women.

Napoleon had only one object—to draw the alliance closer in the eyes of all Europe for the conservation of his prestige.

The idea that the Church can, in these times, serve as a basis for justice or the conservation of property, is simply absurd.