Maintenance [noun]

Definition of Maintenance:

perpetuation, support; sustenance

Synonyms of Maintenance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Maintenance:

Sentence/Example of Maintenance:

A lot of those emails, he says, are from school principals whose maintenance staff says the school should spend tens of thousands of dollars on high-tech HVAC systems.

You were happy because you dwell on my costs—in gas, vehicle maintenance, air quality, and lives—without appreciating the benefits I provide.

In the months since the pandemic cratered the price of oil, the financial fallout has spread from drilling companies to refineries and oilfield maintenance companies.

Right now, 25 percent of the franchise fee goes toward an environmental growth fund that’s supposed to help pay for park maintenance.

A separate site in Kearny Mesa, which the city began leasing in 2017 as a fire truck maintenance yard, has yet to service any actual fire trucks.

However, regular maintenance is required to ensure your Knowledge Panel’s accuracy.

If now there is no need for “burning” clients, business is on pause, it is better to invest at least minimal in SEO, in social networks, in maintenance, and stop contextual advertising.

Most of the public deliberation is focused on the interest rate of the loan and the long-term maintenance costs of the equipment.

So far though, nobody is really talking about who would take responsibility for the ongoing operation and maintenance costs of whatever they build, let alone the aging wastewater system that already straddles the two countries.

Baja California’s governor said that the money lost could’ve been used to invest in maintenance and infrastructure to improve at least some of the Tijuana sewage spillage that has plagued San Diego’s shoreline.