Sustaining [verb]

Definition of Sustaining:

keep up, maintain

Synonyms of Sustaining:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sustaining:

Sentence/Example of Sustaining:

This would be a sustaining capacity of 48 pounds per horsepower.

Power of sustentation; the quality of sustaining a weight in the air.

They might have fancied they were sustaining a siege, so great were the noise and the discomfort.

It was like the exhaustion of a battery, the collapse of the sustaining power.

The great point is not to fail in ordering and sustaining the effort of our life.

Sustaining her, he lost himself in the profound silence of the night.

And I fear I wearied her with my reasons for not sustaining it.

There were many nursing mothers, but all were sustaining more than their own.

Anything that has the quality of sustaining life, as a food.

The heir has the advantage of sustaining his ancestor's and the right is acquired.