Bolster [verb]

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After you have repeated the Correlation, then repeat the two extremes, thus—“Anchor” … “Bolster.”

The motive of this harmless ruse was to bolster up Spanish prestige and thereby avoid bloodshed.

If there is no bolster, two pillows are sometimes laid flat in its place, and two pillows set on edge upon them.

If shams are used they should be spread over the pillows and bolster as smoothly as possible.

If you are preparing the bed for a stranger put the bolster and pillows back on the bed and allow the guest to arrange them later.

The longer we bolster up in its possessions an insolent enemy, so much the longer shall we have to support an army and pay taxes.

"John Kenneby and Bridget Bolster were witnesses to both the instruments," said the attorney.

They went into that matter of the partnership deed, and questions were asked as to the man Kenneby and the woman Bolster.

Now he's got hold of that woman Bolster, and he'll teach her to give such evidence as will upset us.

It's quite clear there was another deed executed that day, and witnessed by Bolster and Kenneby.