Undermine [verb]

Definition of Undermine:


Synonyms of Undermine:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undermine:

Sentence/Example of Undermine:

Such association is enough to undermine the morals of a saint, in a week or two.

It is not in the power of events to undermine the felicity of the virtuous.

Or, more probably, pity had not come in to undermine the foundations.

Strafford, The wind that saps these walls can undermine Your camp in Scotland, too.

The boys borrowed these, and went to work to undermine the big stone.

And he would never more attempt to undermine me with cheap flattery.

"It'll take a long time to undermine their reputation that way," he objected.

You remember it, Dean, I thought him a villain when I learned how he was trying to undermine you.

With cynical cruelty, he set himself to insult, to undermine, to mutilate it.

We are down to solid rock, and no water can get to undermine us.