Sabotage [noun]

Definition of Sabotage:


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Sentence/Example of Sabotage:

I was in his office when the report of sabotage to your plane came through.

“I got a hunch I know what kind of sabotage will be tried next—and when,” said Mike.

But of course there were the orders that said he was a sabotage expert.

There was a sort of pattern in the way the other sabotage incidents had been planned.

By "other situation" Crag knew he was referring to the sabotage.

Crag's dismay grew—dismay and a sense of guilt over the sabotage.

Sabotage, missing papers of importance, and that sort of thing.

Unfortunately, they didn't make much sense as sabotage, either.

The sabotage of the Preliminary had been the first local step in that direction.

There's a lot that can be done with paper work in the way of sabotage.