Undermining [noun]

Definition of Undermining:


Synonyms of Undermining:

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Sentence/Example of Undermining:

West Point and the bath-tub were undermining our institutions.

We can't bear the plotting and undermining that takes place.

Yet, were I to show the least energy or activity in support of the King's authority, I should then be accused of undermining it.

It is not science which is undermining the future of institutional religion.

To tear away their present faith, is like undermining their existence.

He knows he is undermining the very pillars of our republic.

Confusion was also undermining American scientific study of the heavens.

"I hear the muskrats are undermining the dam," the acquaintance said.

They begin by undermining the trust you feel in your own claims.

It had been there all the time, undermining her secret, sacred places.