Vandalism [noun]

Definition of Vandalism:


Synonyms of Vandalism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vandalism:


Sentence/Example of Vandalism:

Presently the youth paused in his vandalism and glanced about with satisfaction.

He determined to have revenge for that act of vandalism in breaking his lamp.

This may seem at this distance as vandalism pure and simple.

He had hit on the one certain means of restraint on an act of vandalism.

His heart sank within him; he was overcome by this piece of vandalism.

The vandalism of the Revolution of 1789 was perpetrated in cold blood.

The old clergyman could have wept with her at the vandalism.

Even in the Low Countries such carnage and vandalism had never been known.

The present crisis is the most awful since the days of Vandalism.

And there is a vandalism that destroys the old, and worships the new, because it is new.